"Doing 3 good deeds each day is an elegant habit, that once cultivated, will assist all who engage it fully."

~ Letitia Fairbanks

Live your life doing three good deeds everyday....

The concept of "Doing 3 Good Deeds" arose from our work preparing Letitia's Fairbanks' "Princess April Morning-Glory" for its first print edition of 1 Feb 2013.

The restoration artist on the project, Danny Garrett, and I both felt that a powerful distillation of Letitia's message could be presented, and in making these suggestions, Princess April could help change the world.


Just imagine what kind of a world you would create, if you had to do three good deeds to make back home...


We feel Letitia's message of doing three good deeds daily to be needed more than every in today's modern world. Join us in pledging to create a new world today, by following these simple suggestions.​ Please  add your own suggestions for doing three good deeds in the comments below.

Photography by Carlyle Blackwell Jr. for Paul A. Hesse Studios, circa 1941

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